Where Are You Getting Your Power?

Where is your power source? Or is it a power drain? Where do you spend your time? Who do you listen to day in and day out? What we immerse ourselves in determines how we think. Are you happy with the ideas and thoughts that you let yourself get bombarded with?
I was feeling a need for ideas for what I want my new web site to look like so I thought I’d visit a few websites to get some fresh ideas. I figured I’d choose websites for speakers (since that’s what I am) and I chose sites of two people that I respect a great deal. First, I started with Brian Tracy’s site. I ended up reading his blog for a while. Next I visited the site for Steve Chandler. Steve is currently my favorite author and I really like how he challenges my thinking. Soon I’m reading Steve’s blog and with the nature the internet, I’m reading stories and blogs on other sites. I read about Deuce Lutui’s story, (‘TBOLITNFL’) and found myself reading powerful messages from winners from all over the country (mostly encouraging Deuce in his powerful personal goal). The bottom line is that by reading the thoughts and ideas of big thinkers reminded me of the power of being immersed in all things good. By hearing and seeing what incredible things people chose to do in their lives and the extraordinarily powerful ways in which they do things challenge me to be more. Most importantly I felt my high energy level and recognized it was because often my thoughts are not on as high of a level of thought as they were after my ‘cruise around the winners circle’. Mentally, it brought me back to Brian Tracy. It reminded me of something that Brian has taught me in some of his numerous books and audio programs: “who you choose to spend your time with has a huge impact on how successful you are”. If you make a decision to change your life but you still spend time with the same people you’ve always spent time with, you’re not going to soar as high as you can.
Remember, we are what we think about most of the time so what and who we listen to through our waking day is what our subconscious keeps repeating to ourselves under the covers of our mind. Don’t bog yourself down with the negative over which you have no control (news, negative friends/relatives, gossip) but work to fill yourself up with the possibilities offered by great thinkers. Read great books. Listen to powerful audio programs. Seek out strong mentors. Spent time with people your respect and aspire to be like. Choose to grow your mind by feeding it the best fuel possible. Bon Appétit.

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