Who Is Your Alex?

Alright, it doesn’t have to be an Alex. It could be a Tom, a Jackie, a Chris – it could be anyone. The key is that you have one. Oh yeah – one what? Well, it’s a person that helps keep you on the road that you should be on. Let me explain about Alex. In one of my lives, I am a business systems analyst for a technology company. Alex is someone that has a desk near mine and we are lucky enough to work together on the occasional project. He has learned that I think life is fantastic and that I choose to have a great day every day. At first, he was somewhat amazed by how I look at life, most of the time looking on the bright and always trying to put the right spin on the ‘opportunities’ that show up in my life. When we cross paths and he asks me how it’s going, I typically say “SUPER-FANTASTIC!” or “PERFECT” and he gets a chuckle that this ‘old’ guy is having another great day.

Of course, there is the occasional time when I think I’m not having a perfect or super-fantastic day. Alex will ask, “How’s it going?” and I’ll respond “okay”. Alex will come to a complete stop in whatever he is doing and say, “Only okay?” I could explain how things aren’t working out and my day isn’t as good as usual but instead I strive to take it as a challenge to refocus and put things back in perspective. We all have times when we think life is sucky but it’s just an opinion and I hate to have ‘that’ opinion because when I do, I’m making my life sucky. I have great relationships and I’m healthy and I have a great job and I’m wealthier that 90% of the people in the world (‘cause there’s an awful lot of poor people in the world pushing me to the top of the list). If I focus on those thoughts I can’t help but feel better about life. It’s simply a matter of where I’m putting my focus and Alex reminds me that my focus is on the wrong things if my day is just ‘okay’.

I admit that I caused Alex to expect me to have a great day every day by sharing my beliefs about life. It takes some boldness to share ideas like that because if we say we believe something, others will start watching to see if we back up our beliefs with our actions. Most people don’t want to be so bold. Instead we present someone that doesn’t raise expectations too much. That’s what I’ve done much of my life so I understand it. Now I welcome the questions that Alex and others put to me about my attitude (when it’s not where it should be) because instead of a feeling that I’m less than I promised, it’s a reminder to get back to where I should be. You see, if I’m not realizing that life is grand then I’m wasting my precious time (a.k.a. ‘my life’). Alex is someone I need to make sure I make the most of what I have. I appreciate it when he gives me that gentle nudge (or aggressive shove) to put me back on track.

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  1. Shirley says:

    We all need Alex!

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